What Clients Are Getting

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are a few things clients have said about working with me:

“DJ is not committed to being right, or to making choices for you. He is invested only in coaching you to tell the truth about yourself, and in choosing things for yourself which will move you forward. Objective, safe, and in your corner.

DJ with Miranda

Tireless and patient, DJ wants you to learn to choose your own life, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for it to come to you. This man sees b.s. a mile away, and affectionately calls you on it, therefore encouraging you to recognize your own b.s. after a while.

I trust this man to listen and coach me how to live more powerfully, no judgements. How many men can you say this about? i trust him fully to have my best interests at heart. ” – Miranda J


“What opened up for me was seeing myself in a light that I had refused before. As if, i was to walk in a dark room where I could hardly see and then the light switch is turned on and I could see. Over-stepping fear, and managing the situation from my strength and not my weakness.” – Sherry J


“DJ’s coaching is powerful in all aspects of my life. I am a business owner, mother, friend and fiancé. Throughout the course of my day my perception of situations can become confused and hijacked into fear and making myself and others wrong. It takes one phone call to DJ and I complete the call with power and a new way of handling the circumstance that has a huge impact on how I show up for people and the response I receive from them as a result.” – Teresa P


“As a result of working with DJ I am more powerful in my own life. I am more direct with myself and others. I am clearer about what I want and what I want to give. I’m truly becoming a not messable-with person. Honestly, I don’t know how he does what he does … all I know is it works. I am so appreciative. I love the life I have as a result of his coaching. Thanks!” – Jelayne M


“DJ has the ability to listen, really listen; not just listen to what I’m saying but also from the space I’m in that’s causing what I’m saying. It’s in that space that with his guidance, I have found the answers to my questions and the inspiration to create possibilities for myself and my life.” – Lia R


“Working with DJ brings so much clarity into my life. He is incredibly insightful as well as direct. His innate ability to clear a path through the confusion and shine a light on what is so is truly invaluable.” – Aja M

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