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DJ Eldon

DJ Eldon, CPC, is a Certified Professional Coach through the Leadership That Works, Coaching For Transformation program; an Accredited Coach Training Program with the International Coaching Federation.

My coaching comes from a deep desire to help people live the lives they really want, now – not in some far off someday that isn’t coming.

I spent years searching for what I really wanted my life to be about. Then I spent a whole lot more years trying to figure out how to live my life from that, before I got to where I am today. I bring these decades of experience to my coaching, helping you discover what you really want and how to get there without spending years doing it.

Aside from my personal experience, I bring 20 years of business knowledge – as a manager and department director at The Associated Press – to my coaching as well.

As an author, my fiction is published in 3 countries and 2 languages. Currently, I am at work on a trilogy of crime novels, a literary novel, a poetry blog, and a screenplay.

Aside from writing my other creative endeavors include photography, dance, and acting.

My coaching combines all of my life and business experience with an innate intuition and a fierce listening, to help you reach your dreams — be they career, creative, and/or relationship.

I work from the premise that you have all you need to live the life you want, it’s simply covered by obstacles. I can help you get past those obstacles to live the life you want. Whatever your fears, circumstances, barriers, or stops, together we can get you beyond them to the life you really want.

Contact me today and schedule your free consultation and let’s get started on the rest of your life.

If you’re wondering how we begin, it’s very simple, click here to get on my calendar and we’ll start with an absolutely free, no-obligation 2-hour Powerful Conversation. I am committed that you will see something for yourself that you’ve never seen before during our time together. After that we will both know if working together further is right for us.

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