A Model For Living A Fulfilling Life

“Do -> Have -> Be”  VS  “Be -> Have -> Do”

In our society there is a long-held concept that needs re-thinking. This is not a new idea, nor is it originally mine, I simply want to put this in front of you for consideration. Either to remind you of it if you’ve heard it before or to introduce it if you’ve not. My hope is that it at least provokes a new thought (or thought pattern) and something opens up for you that you hadn’t seen before. I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading. Please feel free to discuss further in the comments section.

“Do -> Have -> Be”

Most of us believe that if we do enough we will have the life we want and then we will be happy (or fulfilled, or satisfied, or insert your own phrase here). That model has served us for centuries and gotten us as far as it has gotten us.

And now, we find ourselves at a crossroads. After centuries of doing we are no more happy or fulfilled. With all the amazing technological advances of the 20th and early 21st centuries, human beings are less and less connected to what it is to be human. We have much easier lives than even a few decades ago (think back to a time before cell phones, home computers, or even ATMs) and yet we are no happier than before (and in fact may be less so now).

Everything moves faster and easier than ever before. Which has many benefits. And, perhaps, one major downside. With all the doing getting easier and faster we’ve forgotten what it is to simply be.

I assert that all this doing is covering up who we really are. If you think about all the doing that’s supposed to have gotten us to having the life we want and being happy, it almost always turns out there is just more doing to do and we rarely get to the having and even less to the being.

Think of the mouse running on a wheel. It’s running fast (read: doing) and it isn’t getting anywhere. It’s burning off a lot of energy, so at the end of the day it’s exhausted. Then it gets up again the next day and does it all over again. We’re like that mouse, all doing and exhausted. And neither of us is being human.

“Be -> Have -> Do”

Now let’s look at another concept that flips the first on its head:

What if we looked at life as first being, not based on any particular circumstance, but simply for the fact of our generating a state of being? Think about that a moment. Generally, we think of being as given by our circumstances. But what if the opposite were possible? What if there were our circumstances and who we chose to be about them, instead of our circumstances dictating our state of being? What would your life look like then?

I assert you would be free to have the life you really want. One of freedom, joy, and true power (not force, but the actual experience of living powerfully). Finally, what there is to do would be obvious and a natural, authentic expression of who you truly are.

Human beings have gifts beyond what most of us can imagine. As we cover up being by doing we lose sight of what it is to have a fulfilling life.

And now, I want to share with you a fantastic blog post written by a woman who spent years as a palliative care nurse. This is why you want to leave doing at the end of the equation and begin with being. If you’ve not read The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying you should. It may change the way you live the rest of your life. Click Here to read it now.

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