What is it to begin, to start something? For me the feelings are a mixture of excitement and a bit of apprehension. The truth is, like most people, I want to be liked and admired. It is a driving force of many of the words and actions people take (myself included).

If you take a moment now to think about it, what is the thing that drives you more than anything else? More than money, more than even sex?

I’ve always loved how Jeff Goldblum’s character in the Big Chill describes this motivation and how it manifests for him.

Here it is in 64 seconds :

Now, what I’m starting here is a conversation. It is also, to be honest, a way to introduce my new blog, which in turn is a not-so-subtle way to promote my new coaching business. So there is that. But this blog isn’t going to be about coaching. No.

This is going to be a place for questions and reflections of a higher level than what many of us deal with or think about on a daily basis (again, myself included).

So here’s the thing, it is only when I am in conversations and asking questions that I really get who I am as a fully alive, awake, and conscious human being. Most of the time I’m worrying about money and time and work and doing the right thing (which means looking good and surviving whatever I think is happening).

In those moments when I let go of doing the right thing and looking good while doing it, when I’m connected to what it is to simply be alive in this moment, that is when my life has greatest meaning.

I’m curious what it is for you? When are you most connected to yourself and the world around you as a living being? What does it mean to you to be truly ALIVE?

This goes beyond any external factors, beyond large sums of money (Fun Fact: most lottery winners aren’t any happier a year after winning the lottery), or sex. This really goes deep into the heart of each of us.

If I could do anything in this life it would be to help shine a light on the darkest reaches of your mind and expose those things that we are all afraid will destroy us (the caveat being that you are willing to make this discovery). In my experience it is only when we bring those things out and see them as simply a part of what it is to be human, that we can truly live free of our constraints. I’ve seen the other side of continuing to hide those parts of ourselves that we do not like and can tell you they are actually doing more damage in the dark than when they come into the light.

I’ll be writing more about this in future posts. If you got something out of this, I hope you will join me on this journey and comment along the way.

2 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Joe

    My worst fears include being forgotten, not knowing when enough is enough, my wife dying before me. Death. I think about it too often. It is in that dread and horror that I feel most alive. Man is such a foolish creature. We would not enjoy the light of day if it were not for night.


    1. Thank you, Joe, for your bold honesty. It is much appreciated. I will be exploring darkness / lightness; life / death; and other seeming dichotomies in later posts. Stay tuned…


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