My coaching is rooted in the concept that what you think and say is ultimately what creates your experience of life.

Unlike therapy, coaching is a future-based, action-oriented process where you choose the conversation. I ask questions around the issues and challenges you are dealing with and together we discover your true values and deepest desires – what’s really important to you, deep down. Out of these conversations, actions will naturally arise as your mindset shifts. Things that seemed a struggle or impossible before will become easy and natural.

Generally, we believe that our lives are the sum total of our past, our experiences, our upbringing, etc. Most of us view our lives as climbing a mountain, with goals and milestones to achieve. But life is not a place to “get to.” It is to be experienced, right now, in the present moment.

In my life and my coaching, I apply the philosophical concept that we are only in control of two things: our thoughts and our actions, everything else is fine just the way it is (and the way it isn’t). Goals can be used as a tool, but they are not the be-all-and-end-all in the game of life (just as a screwdriver does not fix anything on its own, achieving goals will not give you a satisfying and fulfilling life).

I coach from a listening of you that is larger than who you know yourself to be and help you to take back control over your life. And, I know that people who really take on their lives, live with more freedom and joy than you might think possible right now.

If this interests you, then get yourself on my calendar and let’s begin with an absolutely free, no obligation conversation. Spend 2-hours on the phone with me and you will see something about yourself that you have not seen before, something that will have you looking at your life in an entirely new way.

If this were the road to your future, where would it lead?